Monday, August 5, 2013

Month 8 of Menus

1. spaghetti
2. canned soup, rolls
3. country sausage gravy and biscuits
4. sausage mcmuffins
5. veggie burritos
6. subs
7. quattro formaggio, veg
8. mashed potatoes, shredded chk and gravy, green beans
9. pancakes, cottage cheese, eggs
10. leftover mashed potato soup
11. chk salad on rolls with gouda
12. bbq chk salad, bakery bread
13. lemon chk orzo soup
14. deli meat sandwiches
15. crockpot cheesy hot bean dip, chips
16. cheese, crackers, pickles, olives
17. spaghetti
18. sausage, eggs, english muffins w/butter and jelly
19. steak salad, leftover english muffins
20. pb banana polenta, raisins
21. tortellini alfredo, broccoli
22. crockpot machacha beef, refried beans, guac and chips
23. raspberry pear chk, pan biscuits, zucchini
24. burritos
25. crockpot teriyaki chk, rice, salad
26. pizza
27. oatmeal, fruit
28. sub sandwiches
29. spaghetti and meatballs
30. black beans and rice
31. chk salad w/relish; cucumber sandwiches

Monday, July 8, 2013

Month 7 of Menus

I explored some cookbooks from my local library this month, so there are fewer links to recipes this time.

1. sesame chk salad, rolls
2. mongolian beef, rice, broccoli
3. apricot almond chk, rice, veg
4. grilled cheeseburger wraps
5. slow cooker 20 garlic chk, toast, veg
6. goulash, veg
7. banana stuffed french toast
8. cheese and crackers, pickles, olives
9. ravioli
10. spanish rice
11. cheesy veg chowder, rolls
12. kielbasa, potatoes O’Brien, veg
13. reuben, pickles
14. sausage and egg mcmuffins
15. spaghetti
16. black bean and chk nachos
17. chop suey
18. ravioli alfredo w/broccoli
19. crockpot praline chk, sweet potatoes
20. crockpot beans and rice
21. crockpot lemon chk, berry cobbler, popcorn (movie night)
22. grilled sweet and sour chk, sesame noodles
23. lasagna in a pot
24. sloppy joes
25. teriyaki chk, Hawaiian bread, grilled pineapple, coleslaw
26. crockpot potatoes and sausage
27. asparagus lemon fettucine alfredo, salad
28. rotoloni w/sausage and carmelized onion (like a calzone rolled up), veg
29. chili cheese hotdogs
30. chk club sandwich
31. stuffed shells

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Month 6 of Menus

1. salad, rotisserie chk, fresh bread/rolls
2. frozen pizza
3. baked chili
4. ravioli casserole
5. black bean quesadillas, cucumber
*Note: still messy, even when blended
6. chili cheese tots
7. burgers, smoothies
8. chk picatta, mashed potatoes, asparagus
9. salad bar w/rotisserie chk, blueberry yogurt muffins
10. steak, garlic bread, corn on the cob
11. rotisserie chk, mac n cheese
12. sesame chk and noodles, asian veg
*Note: decrease sugar to 1/2 cup
13. egg mcmuffins, sliced apple
14. deli meat sandwich
15. stuffed shells
16. dirty rice
17. hotdogs, chips, dip
18. slow cooker chk tacos
19. canadian bacon, eggs, pan biscuits, tomato
20. bakery bread, cheese, rotisserie chk, cherry tomatoes, fresh berries, sparkling grape juice
21. steak, sweet potatoes, corn
22. pancakes, sausage
23. baked egg rolls
*Note: use more garlic than you think would be decent. Also, baste liberally with olive oil.
24. deli meat veg sandwiches
25. spaghetti
26. raspberry pear chk, rice, fresh peaches
27. hotdogs, cucumber
28. crockpot pot roast, garlic bread, veg
*Note: I used the recipe in the first comment at the bottom of the page.
29. best ever black bean/rice & tomato soup/grilled cheese
30. french dip, salad
*Note: I used the leftovers from the pot roast meal.
31. buttered penne, chk, zucchini

If you're ever curious how I made something that doesn't link to a recipe, please comment. Some are from physical cookbooks, but others I just make out of my head.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Month 5 of Menus

1. chk parmesan
2. sausage mcmuffins
3. slow cooker italian beef (philly cheesesteak)
4. chk BLT
5. steak, foil potato packets, salad
6. grilled cheeseburger wraps
7. chef salad, bread
8. lazy lasagna
9. slow cooker chk tacos
10. tomato soup, grilled cheese
11. grilled steak, potato/onion packets, grilled zucchini
12. hotdogs
13. spaghetti
14. red beans and rice, salad
15. stromboli bread braid
16. pancakes, sausage, egg
17. chk salad, fruit salad, rolls
18. slow cooker lemon garlic chk, salad, rice pilaf
19. slow cooker pork w/peaches sandwiches
20. spinach walnut penne
21. french rolls, gouda, fruit salad
22. pineapple steak fajitas
23. cheesy veg chowder
24. stuffed shells
25. corn and potato chowder, shredded zucchini
26. crockpot chk and rice
27. spaghetti
28. grated potato, sausage, cheese, veg
29. vegetarian soft tacos
30. ham and cranberry sandwiches, sliced apples
31. goulash

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Month 4 of recipes

Month 4

1. gumbo, bakery bread
2. club sandwiches
3. black beans, rice
4. pancakes, eggs, sausage
5. potato cream cheese soup, bread, veg
6. picnic (sandwiches, chips, apples, cookies, juice)
7. brisket, potatoes, veg
8. spaghetti
9. cheese, crackers
10. calzones
11. lemon chk soup, bread
12. baked chili, fritos
13. pizza, salad
14. ravioli alfredo, asparagus
15. pan-fried pork chops, garlic bread, veg
16. breaded chk, soda bread, veg
17. cheesy veg chowder
18. sausage over rice
19. bbq chk salad, rolls
20. cheesy chk chowder
21. meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veg
22. chk cheese lasagna
23. hotdogs
24. salisbury steak, sweet potatoes
25. pancakes, canadian bacon, eggs
26. spaghetti and meatballs
27. burgers, raspberry chocolate smoothies
28. lemon chk orzo soup
29. black bean quesadillas
30. bean and cheese nachos
31. goulash

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Black bean quesadillas

How have I never put black beans in my quesadillas before? Somehow the beans combine with the cheese to create this smoky flavor that I never could have imagined. I don't think I'll ever cook a bean-free quesadilla ever again.

tortillas (I use fat-free to avoid those nasty trans fats)
15 oz black beans (approx. 2 cans), drained
2 cups sharp cheddar, grated
sour cream

Mix together the beans and cheese. Melt butter in a frying pan. Put about half a cup of the bean mixture on a tortilla and fold in half. Place tortilla in the frying pan and brown both sides. Serve with salsa and sour cream.

Warning: this is a messy meal. Those beans tend to slide right out of the tortilla. You will have beans burning your hands, but you won't care because your mouth is enjoying the flavor. Next time I'll experiment with a blender to see if it helps to puree the beans first, or if they'd still fall out of the tortilla. If anyone has already tried this, let me know if it helps.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Month 3 of menus

1.chk divan, rice
2.mashed potato soup, bread, matchstick carrots
3.baked fondue, bread, broccoli
5.rotisserie chk, skillet biscuits, veg
6.steak salad w/arugula & grapefruit; bakery bread
7.slow cooker chicken and wild rice
8.hash browns, pancakes, sausage, and eggs
10.hotdogs, french fries, fruit
11.cheesy monkey bread
12.pan fried pork chops, sweet potatoes
13.cheesy veg chowder, bread
14.shake n bake chk, baked potatoes, cucumber
15.slow cooker chk and wild rice, salad
17.chicken avocado BLT
18.banana bread pancakes, canadian bacon, eggs
19.burgers, smoothies beans and rice
21.sticky apricot chk, sweet potatoes
22.pork chops, squash, green beans
25.shake n bake chk, french fries, veg
26.leftover breaded chk, penne pasta, veg
27.slow cooker chk tacos
28.pumpkin burgers sausage gravy, biscuits, veg
30.pork tenderloin w/pan sauce, bread, veg
31.havarti mac n cheese, broccoli (extra cheese sauce to dip broccoli)