Saturday, April 6, 2013

Month 4 of recipes

Month 4

1. gumbo, bakery bread
2. club sandwiches
3. black beans, rice
4. pancakes, eggs, sausage
5. potato cream cheese soup, bread, veg
6. picnic (sandwiches, chips, apples, cookies, juice)
7. brisket, potatoes, veg
8. spaghetti
9. cheese, crackers
10. calzones
11. lemon chk soup, bread
12. baked chili, fritos
13. pizza, salad
14. ravioli alfredo, asparagus
15. pan-fried pork chops, garlic bread, veg
16. breaded chk, soda bread, veg
17. cheesy veg chowder
18. sausage over rice
19. bbq chk salad, rolls
20. cheesy chk chowder
21. meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veg
22. chk cheese lasagna
23. hotdogs
24. salisbury steak, sweet potatoes
25. pancakes, canadian bacon, eggs
26. spaghetti and meatballs
27. burgers, raspberry chocolate smoothies
28. lemon chk orzo soup
29. black bean quesadillas
30. bean and cheese nachos
31. goulash


  1. I really need to do this... you make it look easy. When I try to do this, it's a giant excel spreadsheet and a lot of heartache.

  2. Amanda, when I plan my menu/grocery list twice a week, I compose it in OpenOffice Writer. After I make the meal (or when my meal planner doc is getting too long), I cut/paste it into another OpenOffice Writer document: Annual Menu. Once I have a month's worth, I copy/paste all of it onto my blog. The longest part (compared to my regular menu planning) is looking up the links to the online recipes I've used. This month I was lazy, and didn't link all of them. You can see right where I decided it was more important to get it posted than to wait for time to find all the links.
    Also, I cook a lot of meals that don't make it onto this list. I love trying out new recipes, but if the majority of the family doesn't like the new food, I strike it off my menu list. The only reason that I can come up with 31 meals in about a month's time is that I also include lunches from Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The other 4 lunches every week are not really planned, but the girls and I scrounge around and come up with meals. We do lots of sandwiches, leftovers, cheese and crackers, etc. I've started delegating lunch prep to E once or twice a week.